"Helping you find good tires at a GREAT price"

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About Us

We are a family-oriented business looking to save people the expense of having to buy (expensive) tires. We know that there are other important things on your mind-you shouldn’t have to worry about choosing tires over another one of life’s necessities.

We are minutes away from Red Bank, South Congaree, Lexington, Gilbert, Pelion and Batesburg-Leesville. We are conveniently located just 1/4 mile off of I-20, Exit 44.

Our hours of operation are as follows:

Monday-Friday: 9 am-6 pm

Saturday: 9 am-2 pm

Sunday: Closed

Feel free to call us to check our inventory or ask other questions at (803) 657-5444


We are located at 2248 Pond Branch Road in Leesville, SC; right across from the BP station (and Blimpie Subs).

If you would like directions straight from your place to ours simply put your address in the form below and you’ll be given turn-by-turn directions. If you still have any trouble finding us please don’t hesitate to call at (803) 657-5444.

If you are viewing this from the front page click Location/Directions above in the menu to see a picture of our facility.

Why Used Tires?

Right now you’re wondering–why used tires?  The bottom line is–PRICE. You’re not sacrificing quality;  all you’re missing out on is the hefty price.


  • Michelin LT tires from your local “bargain” store-$125.00 each
  • Michelin LT tires from us at 50-60% tread–$35.00 each

That’s a savings of $90.00 per tire!

Let’s say you were going to buy a whole set of tires.

  • Michelin LTs at  your local “bargain” store–$125.00 eachx4 tires=$500.00 for four tires.
  • The same tires from us (at 50-60% tread)–$35.00 eachx4 tires= $140.00 for a set of four.

That’s a savings of $360  for a complete set of tires!!!